Week 16

Starting Funds = §898,460

There was one last sale at the market. Richard worked hard to make sure to put out some masterpieces so they would sell for a lot of simoleons. He also put up some of Lilly and Hope’s paintings as well just in case they needed an extra push over the edge to meet their financial goal.


After six hours they were sold out. Everything on the walls and on the shelves was gone. Richard didn’t want to get his hopes up until he knew for sure. Early the next morning, he logged in to the online banking website to check the balance of all the accounts.


He blinked rapidly as he wanted to make sure he saw the final figure correctly.


That was the total of all the money in their household funds after they had transferred the money from their business as well as from selling their garden harvest the day before combined with the real estate value of their home and all of the items in it.

They had done it! They had completed the Rosebud Challenge.


Richard just smiled as a sense of relief washed over him. He could have jumped up and down or he could have woken everyone up to tell them the good news but instead he went back to bed and for the first time in a long time he allowed himself to sleep in because he knew he no longer had to work as hard.

Then when he woke up around lunchtime he shared the news with the one person he wanted to give the news to first.

His sister.


Daria was excited to hear that they had finally completed the mission that their father had started long before the two of them were born. They knew if he was still alive today that he would proud of them and of what they accomplished.


Rhiannon showed her excitement without words.


Paolo couldn’t believe it. He had no clue that they were so close to the one million simoleons mark in the first place.


Now that they had accomplished the mission, the family could finally relax and indulge in some of the material things that were more fun and comforting as opposed to being strictly practical. Daria and Paolo wanted a basketball hoop so they could keep fit in their old age while still having fun.


Rhiannon loved gardening but she used to spend half a day watering, weeding and harvesting the plants by herself. Now she could hire a professional gardener to help her maintain the garden and some days she didn’t need to do any work if she didn’t want to because their gardener had no problem taking care of things on her own…for the right price of course.


Pinching pennies was no longer mandatory because they certainly had more than enough to live comfortably for the rest of their lives.

Still, they all agreed that changing their lifestyles drastically would not make sense. There was no sense in working so hard to be called a millionaire to then waste the money away on too many frivolous material items. Daria continued writing her novels and Richard still made paintings but now they did it for fun as opposed to before when they did it for the money. Because they still kept working they were able to bring in a decent income to balance whatever they might have spent for that day so they never saw any depletion in their wealth. Also, some of the new indulgences helped to bring them closer as a family as it gave them the ability to do activities together.


Richard was also glad that he could take his wife on dates to fancy restaurants and not worry about spending too much money that would count towards the mission.

Rhiannon really enjoyed getting all dressed up and going somewhere nice and formal. Though she was an easy going woman who preferred the simple life, it was a nice treat.


“This is a really nice place Richard but every item on the menu is so expensive.” She said to him once they got their food. She had ordered the herb salmon and Richard ordered the rack of lamb. Both dishes combined along with her simsapolitan and his glass of red wine cost over 80 simoleons.

“You don’t worry about that sweetheart. We’re millionaires, 80 simoleons is just a small dip into our funds.”

“I know but…we’ve always been so frugal when it comes to money. I’ve never cooked a meal that cost more than 30 simoleons and that meal would be enough to feed our whole family and still have leftovers.”


“I think we’ve worked hard enough all our adult lives to be able to enjoy an expensive dinner in a fancy restaurant at our age. He said as he generously gulped his glass of wine, another luxury has never able to indulge in.

“I just don’t want us to go crazy and lose all of our money.”

“We won’t lose all of our money. I’m still selling my paintings at top dollar and Daria is still writing bestsellers. Plus the garden alone produces a harvest of over ten grand on some days so even after we’re gone the kids would still have some income so long as they take care of it. We’ll be fine. We have enough money to afford fancy dinners every night for the rest of our lives.” He assured her.


And he was right. The family had more than enough money for generations of Mooneys to live comfortably without having to work a day in their lives which was quite an accomplishment that took only two generations to fulfill.

Richard even suggested renovating their home to make it more fitting of a wealthy family but the general consensus among the other family members was to keep it the same. Just because they were set for life didn’t mean they had to flaunt it. Everyone more or less wanted to keep their lifestyle the same.

Especially after both Hope and Lilly announced they wanted to move away from home to pursue careers. Lilly wanted to be a chef and was proving herself to be very talented in that arena. She got accepted into a culinary school in San Myshuno.


Hope enjoyed fishing a lot but her other interest was in science. She wanted to become a scientist and for that she needed to move to Oasis Springs in order to train at the Future Sim Labs Research Facility.


Richard was very proud of both girls and was a little sad to know they were moving away. At least he would be able to properly set each one of them up for their new lives so that paying bills would be the least of their concerns.

Before the girls left to go out on their own, the family decided to take a vacation since it would be the last time they were all together for a while. Windenburg was the one place everyone had in mind to visit.


They went to all the known tourist attractions like the Chalet Gardens in the country side and the cafes in the downtown area but their favourite place by far was the Bluffs located on a little island off the mainland.


While everyone was having fun swimming in the warm water of the natural pool, Richard took a moment to look out into the ocean before him. He had never been to a beach before or any island for that matter. His family never took vacations before. He and his wife never went on a honeymoon and neither did Daria and Paolo. Everyone was so focused on achieving the Rosebud Challenge, a challenge that his father started a long time ago.


Now that challenge was complete everyone was free to live their lives the way they saw fit no longer held back by any restrictions. Richard smiled as he thought about his parents. They would be so proud of the family and not because they had completed the challenge but because of how much love there was among them. There was no distinction among the children. Daria thought of Hope and Elliot as her own children just as he thought of Lilly as his as well. Daria and Rhiannon were best friends just as he and Paolo had become best friends over the years as well and even though they may fight over petty stuff at times, the kids all look out for each other and are as close as siblings could be.

Richard was very proud of his family and all that they had accomplished and he knew that his Dad would be too.


Week 16 Earnings


               Paintings = §43,435

               Gardening = §13,991

               Writing (Royalties) = §16,586

Fishing = §697

Music Tips = §184

Total Earnings from Skills/Hobbies = §76,893


Living Expenses (Food, Medicine, etc.) = §57

Bills = §1,112

Week 16 – Ending Funds = §974,184

Week 16 Summary

Starting Funds = §898,460

Ending Funds = §974,184

Lot Value = §46,359

Household Worth = §1,020,723

1,000,000 Simoleons Goal Completed!


3 thoughts on “Week 16

  1. YAY! First of all, I love the shot of “Air Paolo” LOL. Secondly, I love that the first thing Richard did after discovering he had completed the challenge was to sleep! My dude lol. There are two things I like about the way this ended. The first is that I love that they stayed humble about it! I think they did the right amount of splurging without going crazy or allowing their lifestyle to change. Second, I absolutely love the timing of it. It’s so apropos for Daria and Richard to have completed the challenge shortly after their elder birthdays (at least that’s the way it appeared lol) and for them to be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor in their golden years. Now…ALL the kids can’t move out! LOL Somebody needs to stay home and live in the house that was made for them and manage that phat bank account! 😛

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