Rosebud Challenge Tips

During this challenge I learned a lot of things about making money in the game without using cheats. It’s a lot of work and a lot of time that goes into making your Sims earn serious dough through an honest living but it can be done.

If you decide to do the Rosebud challenge yourself, here are some tips:

Unemployment pays – None of the Mooneys had jobs or active careers because working a 9 to 5 for just a few hundred simoleons didn’t make sense to me when they could go around the neighbourhood for a couple of hours and collect items that exceed a daily wage for even the highest paying job.


Don’t be so quick to build a house – I think I should have let them live off of the earth until their first baby became a child. Houses equal more money in bills and the less wall structures and items on the lot the better. Outdoor Retreat and Get Together makes it easier for your founder to save money without having an actual house. You can buy a tent for them to sleep in since a good quality tent is cheaper than most beds. You don’t need a stove or counters when you can buy a cooler for quick meals. It’s also a good idea to choose a neighbourhood where it’s easy for your founder to get a hot meal from kind neighbours with penchants for grilling. You can also buy the bush from GT for when they need to fertilize and an outdoor shower from OR. And that’s all you’ll pretty much need, no walls or roof necessary.


Don’t be so quick to expand the house – Renovations cost a lot especially if you have to keep renovating every time there is a new member of the family. When you get to the stage where you have enough money to build a house, make it a three bedroom one even if you only have your founder, their spouse and one child so that way you have sufficient room for when the child gets older and has a family of their own while the parents are still alive.


Try not to redecorate rooms – I’m always tempted to redecorate whenever a child ages up to teen or teen to adult because I want to reflect their personality and age but doing so takes away simoleons from the ultimate goal. Keep all the rooms basic and neutral. The less items in them the better.

Keep the family small – Having more members of the family to contribute helps but more people means you’ll need more room in the house which means more money spending on renovations, bills, food, etc. I only did that last renovation to the home to create a fourth bedroom because Elliot was an oops baby (and by oops I mean I chose Try for a baby instead of Woohoo and didn’t realise it until I clicked on the toilet and realised Rhiannon had the Pregnancy Test option *face palm*)


Focus on the painting and writing skills – These are the big time money maker skills. Once you get to the level where you can produce excellent or masterpiece quality paintings, they sell for well over a thousand simoleons each. Some large masterpieces sold for up to 9,000 simoleons once! Try to get either your founder or their spouse to write one book a day and sell to publisher. Self-publishing pays less money in royalty payments than selling to a publisher. Higher quality books will bring in better royalty payments.


Gardening is a waste of time, unless you start grafting – It’s too time-consuming having to water, weed and spray plants just to get a few hundred simoleons in harvest. It only pays when you evolve them to perfect quality plants and that takes a very long time to accomplish, practically your founder’s entire adult life and some of his heir’s. Keep your gardens small so it’s less time to manage. Only grow the plants you will need to graft together to create more valuable plants. The dragonfruit is made from grafting strawberry with snapdragon and it sells for a lot of money as does the orchid which is made from grafting lily with snapdragon. As you keep evolving those plants they sell for more and more money.


Collecting benefits the founder, not the heirs – This helps the founder who will be low on skills to earn money in quick ways but as the skills develop, Sims should spend their days creating high quality items rather than roaming around their neighbourhood looking for fossils and frogs that couldn’t possibly equal in value to what they can create. I would leave activities like collecting and fishing up to the children and teens since they don’t have the skill level to bring in a lot of money.


Retail stores bring in lots of dough – If you have Get to Work, then opening a retail store to sell paintings will earn you more money. In the retail store you can add a markup to your items. I sold my items at 200% markup so I would sell each painting for the double the original cost. Just make sure to keep your initial investment into a store to a minimum. Don’t splurge on some fancy looking store because you ideally want to make back your investment within 2 working days. I made my investment back in one day because I made my sim buy a store that looked more like a flea market which only had walls to display the paintings and bathrooms for customers so it cost very little. I wouldn’t recommend a restaurant if you have Dine Out just because it’s too time consuming to get them to the level where they can earn money without you being there.


Make sure to keep your Sims happy – Sims need to be in a good mood in order for them to work well. If they are sad or angry you can use that to your advantage by making them paint or write sad or angry works of art or literature but if they are uncomfortable or embarrassed then there’s not much they can do until those feelings pass. Uncomfortable Sims won’t repair anything, garden, write, paint, nothing until that mood passes so make sure to keep their motives high especially the fun and social ones.



3 thoughts on “Rosebud Challenge Tips

  1. Awesome tips! Thanks for sharing. About gardening, I don’t know how or why, but grapes are the profitable crop you get from the pack of seeds. I’m going to have a “vineyard” when I get back to my Random Challenge on YouTube because they need §20,000. In my Minimalist Challenge, I can harvest one bush of grapes for like §400-600 at like magnificent quality. So, imagination what it would be like having more than one!

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