Week 13

Starting Funds = §375,768

With the new baby on the way, the family decided it was time to renovate their house because their small three bedroom house would not be sufficient for a growing family any longer.  Hope and Lilly liked sharing a bedroom but Richard didn’t think they would be keen on sharing their already cramped space with a younger sibling/cousin.


The family toyed with many different ideas for the architectural style of the house they wanted to build but ultimately decided that regardless of the design, the house should be spacious and practical so a modern look was chosen as it seemed ideal for what they had in mind.

They decided to monopolize on the amount of land by fencing around the backyard so they could easily incorporate all of their hobbies from gardening to woodworking in the outdoors and still have some amount of privacy from the neighbours.


Richard and Daria loved the studio loft that they created. They didn’t want another cramped room as their study. With a loft, they had more space, more privacy as it was on the second floor and more sunlight entering the room which made it perfect for the both of them to become inspired and create masterpieces and best sellers.


Shortly after the renovations were completed and the family was able to move back into the house, Rhiannon went into labour.

She gave birth to a bouncing baby boy that they named Elliot.


Richard held his son for the first time and felt a burst of happiness at the feel of his soft skin and innocent giggles. It was just like when Hope was born. Although he was unplanned, Elliot was no less a blessing to all them.


After having Elliot, Rhiannon made sure not to leave too much time to pass before she tended to the garden. Now that they replanted all of their perfect plants, they needed extra care in order to survive.

The new design of the house made it easier for her to spend more time in the garden because the garden was located right outside of Elliot’s nursery. She could easily keep an eye on him through the window while she watered the plants.


The next big celebration in the family was Paolo’s birthday.


He aged up to an elder and immediately felt his back ache as soon as he noticed the mop of gray hair on his head. Luckily his younger wife was there to relieve him of some of his stress.


Being an elder meant that Paolo had to take it easy. He could not afford to work out for hours on end like he did before. That gave him more time to work on wooden sculptures to sell in their store which was doing really well. The family only opened the store twice a week but they always sold out before closing time because so many people were interested in their crafts.


Hope and Lilly were still as thick as thieves. They did everything together. You could hardly find one without the other because they were so close.


They both also had very active imaginations. For a number of nights in a row they would wake up screaming claiming there was a monster with tentacles under their beds. Then they would run to Richard and Rhiannon’s bedroom for help since their room was the closest.


Richard assumed Lilly was the originator of the monster under the bed story since she was always telling make believe stories but she probably got the idea for it from Hope who was always reading science books about marine life.

Either way, until that phase was over, he knew he would have to be the one to get up in the middle of the night and spray those monsters away with some scented disinfectant spray which, according to  the girls, also doubled as ‘monster repellent.’


By the end of the week, the family had another child with an active imagination on their hands.


Week 13 Earnings


               Paintings = §108,405

               Gardening = §50,702

               Sculptures/Furniture = §1,574

               Writing (Royalties) = §28,914

               Guitar Tips = §14

               Fishing = §31

Total Earnings from Skills/Hobbies = §189,640

Collectibles = §3,340


Living Expenses (Food, Medicine, etc.) = §139

Bills = §1,090

Renovations/Décor/Skill Building Items = §2,385

Week 13 – Ending Funds = §565,134

Week 13 Summary

Starting Funds = §375,768

Ending Funds = §565,134

Lot Value = §48,328

Household Worth = §613,462

Achieved 61.3% of 1,000,000 simoleons goal!


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