Week 11

Starting Funds = §160,717

It didn’t take Richard long to get over the embarrassment of having his proposal to Rhiannon rejected. It still hurt but he understood where she was coming from. Spending time with her was a welcomed break from the routine of gardening and painting. She was always so bubbly that it made him feel warm inside whenever she smiled or laughed.


Richard was confident that Rhiannon was the one just as Daria was sure Paolo was her prince charming. The two lovebirds finally set a date for their wedding. Richard didn’t mind spending money to throw his only sister the wedding of her dreams but she disagreed. Daria didn’t want a big party. She just wanted to marry the man she loved in a private ceremony in their backyard.


The only guests in attendance were Richard and Rhiannon who had quickly become one of Daria’s best friends. They all dressed up for the occasion. Daria wore her favourite dress and Paolo wore his only suit.


The couple exchanged vows under the wedding arch professing their eternal love to each other before sharing their first kiss as husband and wife.


Moved by the romance in the air, Rhiannon dropped down on her knees and pulled out a ring. Richard was shocked.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

“I was wrong. We don’t need more time. I know you’re the one for me and there’s no point in postponing the inevitable. I love you! Will you marry me, Richard?”


Without hesitation, Richard said yes. After congratulating the newly engaged couple, Daria and her new husband urged them to get married right away under the wedding arch. Both Richard and Rhiannon agreed. The spontaneity of it all as very romantic.



After they were married, Daria went up to her new sister-in-law and warmly welcomed her into their family.

A double wedding wasn’t part of the plan for that day but it made it all the more joyous. Daria and Richard finally had the type of true love they had always wanted.


As the days went by Paolo and Rhiannon had to adjust to the Mooneys way of life, which meant working hard and building skill levels.

There were two things Paolo was good at, DJ-ing and working out. There was no money in one getting fit and although he brought in a decent amount of tips while DJ-ing it wasn’t enough to make a real contribution to the household so he decided to try something else. He noticed the barely used woodworking table on the back porch and decided to give woodworking a try.


He wasn’t good at it in the beginning but with more practice, he made some decent looking sculptures and bar stools. Richard even thought they would be good enough to sell in the store when they opened later that week.

Rhiannon tried collecting since Richard was busy with the garden and painting and Daria spent most of the day writing new stories leaving them very little time to do any collecting around the neighbourhood. She found a number of valuable fossils and metals and began to think collecting could become her forte.


Or so she thought until she actually held a live frog in her hand.


The squishiness of the creature disgusted her to the point where she had to throw up. After that, she decided that she would stay away from logs and focus only on digging the rocks for fossils, gems and crystals.


When the nauseous feeling lingered for a few more hours Rhiannon realised that touching the frog was not the reason for the vomiting. She was pregnant!


And she wasn’t the only one!


Daria and Rhiannon were both pregnant and due around the same time which was good news for Richard because wanted his and Daria’s children to grow up close.

Their pregnancies brought the two women even closer as they now had one more thing in common.


However, there was one thing Rhiannon wished she had in common with Daria but didn’t. Paolo seemed to desire Daria more during her pregnancy. They were always making out and doted on her hand and foot. Richard spent most of the day in the garden or in the studio painting and was always too tired at the end of the day to tend to her needs.

She couldn’t help but feel a little jealous.


Daria was thinner than her even though they were both due at the same time. She only started to show significantly towards the end of the second trimester while Rhiannon began showing almost immediately after finding out. She wondered if that was the reason why her husband wasn’t as interested in her as he was before.

But then Richard surprised her one day when she was helping him in the garden.


He plucked a rose from their garden and presented it to her. Rhiannon was touched by the gesture.

“This is so sweet. You trying to butter me up for something?”


“Kinda.” He replied. “I see the way you look at Daria and Paolo and I realise that I haven’t been as attentive towards you as I should have been. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. I know you’ve been busy. Your family mission is important.”

“But it’s not more important than you and the baby. My Dad made me promise him that I wouldn’t put this mission before my relationships and I’ve been doing that lately. I won’t let it happen again. I love you Rhi, you and the little slugger in there.”


“It might be a girl you know.”

“Either way, as long as he or she is healthy then that’s all that matters to me.” Richard took his wife by the hands and pulled her closer so he could kiss her passionately. Rhiannon was happy to finally receive some attention from her husband and Richard did stay true to his word by ensuring they spent time together at the end of every day.


They reopened the store at the end of the week, only this time, Paolo came to assist Richard instead of Daria since she and Rhiannon were close to their due date and needed to stay at home and relax.

Paolo was a good salesman and managed to close a number of deals without much effort.


The walls were lined with Richard’s paintings. He made a number of masterpieces that week, one of which was worth over 16,000 simoleons. Some of Paolo’s wood sculptures and furniture were also for sale. They were a big hit with the customers in spite of their average quality.


Richard and Paolo kept the store open much later so they could try to sell out the merchandise. Though they didn’t sell everything they sold enough to make it their most profitable day thus far. The drawback was that they were out for the entire night, eventually passing out on a nearby bench from exhaustion.


When they eventually woke up they closed up the shop and returned home. Since they didn’t tell the girls they would be out all night, they expected to come home to angry wives. Instead, they came home to screaming wives!

Both of them went into labour!

Daria was the first to have her baby. She originally came outside to quarrel with Paolo and Richard but ended up giving birth right on the porch.



Rhiannon was able to make it into the nursery to deliver her baby.



Both fathers held their little girls into their arms for the first time.



At the end of the week, the next generation – Lilly Rocca and Hope Mooney – were born!


Week 11 Earnings


Paintings = §64,418

Gardening = §21,118

Sculptures/Furniture = §253

Writing (Royalties) = §23,160

Total Earnings from Skills/Hobbies = §108,696

Collectibles = §440


Living Expenses (Food, Medicine, etc.) = §93

Bills = §994

Renovations/Décor/Skill Building Items = §200

 Week 11 – Ending Funds = §268,819

Week 11 Summary

Starting Funds = §160,717

Ending Funds = §268,819

Lot Value = §32,393

Household Worth = §301,212

Achieved 30.1% of 1,000,000 simoleons goal!


6 thoughts on “Week 11

  1. I don’t know how I missed week 10. I was reading and I was like “wait…what? When did all THIS happen??” lol

    I enjoyed Rhiannon’s look with the You trying to butter me up for something? pic lol.

    These girls are going to be gorgeous!

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