Week 9

Starting Funds = §108,743

The family was still reeling from Darius’ death. Even though he was old they all thought he would have more time with them before Death would come for him. Still, no matter how hard it was to go on without him they knew they would have to anyway.

“I miss Dad so much!” Daria cried, trying her best to concentrate on her homework and failing miserably.

“I miss him too.”  Richard agreed.


“Do you think we’ll ever see him again?” Daria asked.

“See him again? But he’s gone!”

“I know, but I’ve heard too many stories about ghosts to make me wonder if it’s true.”

“That’s all made up. Dad’s gone. I’m sorry but I don’t think we’ll ever see him again until we also move on to the Netherworld.”

“Maybe, you’re right.” She said, but a part of her hoped her brother was wrong. The idea that her father might still wander around their house at night comforted her and made her less sad about his death.


That night, Daria was proven right when Richard discovered his father’s ghost in the study.

“Hello, son.”

“Dad, what the?! How?”

“Your sister was right. Ghosts do exist.” He laughed heartily. Darius thought to himself how ironic it was that they all spent the last two days crying bitterly over him and he appeared to be happier now than he was when he was alive.


“Dad what’s it like…you know, being dead?”

“It’s strange. I don’t feel anything. Not hot or cold. Not hungry or tired. No pain or discomfort in any way. I can’t smell or taste anything and I can pretty much walk through any object or person like they’re not even there. But at the same time, I feel calm and relaxed. I guess it might be because I put so much pressure on myself to complete that challenge my whole life and now I no longer have to worry about such things or work as hard.”

“You really felt that way? Because you always made it seem like you enjoyed working so hard.”


“I did like working hard but now that my life is over I realise that I didn’t spend as much time enjoying it with my loved ones as much as I did trying to earn money.”

“But a challenge like the Rosebud Challenge requires dedication and frugality. You said so yourself.”

“Yes, but there’s a lot more to life than just earning money and taking care of the household Richard. You have to have a balance. I wish I spent more time with you kids and your mother aside from when we had meals together. I should have helped you and your sister with your homework. I should have read you books and played with you. I should have had more in-depth conversations with you. I should have spent more time romancing your mother…”

“Ew, Dad gross.” Richard did not want to hear that last part!

Darius laughed. “Just take my advice. Completing the challenge is important but don’t let it become more important than your relationships. I want you and your sister to always stay close to each other and to never let this challenge get in between your relationship. I want you to be a better father and husband than I was. Will you promise your dead father that you will enjoy your life more than I did mine?”


“I will Dad. I promise.”

Taking his father’s advice seriously, Richard decided he would make more time for a personal life starting with having a proper conversation with Sofia Bjergsen, the new foreign exchange student whom he had a crush on.


He really liked her but he didn’t think he had time to date anyone before so he never pursued her. Even though Sofia barely spoke English they got along really well. He even introduced her to his mother and sister when he invited her over for dinner and they seemed to like her a lot. Esther bombarded Sofia with questions about her hometown Windenburg and while Sofia struggled to translate what she wanted to say she didn’t mind.


Within a few days it was time for Daria’s birthday. Esther baked her favourite pink strawberry cake. After she became a young adult she considered getting a job as a writer but then remembered the advice her father gave her about being able to earn more by being her own boss instead of working for others so she decided to continue writing her own books and selling them to publishers.


Daria had written so many high quality books during her teen years that she was taking home a large sum of money in royalties on a daily basis. So long as she continued publishing at least one new book every day, she would be able to maintain or even increase her daily income level.

She also decided to take the next step in her relationship with Edward Landgraab, the boy she had been dating during high school.


He was the son of famous and wealthy parents, Malcolm Landgraab and Cassandra Goth. Very often Daria would visit their mansion in Oasis Springs. Though she never got to meet Edward’s father because he was always busy running their family’s business empire, she became close to his mother Cassandra.

Cassandra believed Daria would make an ideal daughter-in-law. She and Malcolm were concerned about their son marrying a careless and materialistic girl who would encourage him to squander their family wealth but seeing as how Daria came from such a hardworking and frugal family, she felt confident that Daria was the perfect partner for him.


All the talk about marriage made Daria nervous. Not because she had commitment issues but because she didn’t like the idea of living separately from her mother and brother. She knew that if they got married she would need to move into Edward’s home since he was his family’s sole heir and she wasn’t her family’s heiress.

Esther did her best to assure her daughter not to worry about such things. The fact that she would move out one day was not a bad thing as they will always remain a family regardless of where they all live.

Esther herself had been spending more time doing activities that she enjoyed. One of those activities was fishing. She used to fish a lot when she was younger, before meeting Darius, but now that she had more free time as a retiree she could spend all day fishing if she wanted.


One evening while she was baiting her hook she suddenly felt faint and then realised what was happening.

She smiled. She had no fear for what was about to occur because she knew she would be reunited with her beloved husband.


Richard was in the garden watering the plants when he sensed something was wrong. He immediately rushed to the fishing area where he knew she would be only to find the Grim Reaper standing over his mother’s lifeless body.


He begged him not to take her as yet but just like before when he pleaded for his father’s life, The Grim Reaper ignored him and took her anyway.



After a couple of days of grieving for their mother, Richard and Daria went on as usual. Their mother’s death did not hit them as hard as it did with their father’s death because they had already been through such an experience before so this time, it was not as devastating. At least they knew for sure that they would still see their mother again whenever her ghost decided to visit. But now it was just the two of them in charge of everything.

Richard took vacation days towards the end of high school so he could distract himself with work. He spent hours in the study painting and then later on in the day when it was cooler outside he would tend to the garden.


Daria being the goofball big sister that she was would always pester him whenever she had the chance.

Making sure to take their father’s advice, Daria and Richard decided to spend some of the money on workout equipment since they were both very active and loved exercising. This was something they could do for fun that would be a stress reliever. It would also keep them fit and healthy so they could live a much longer life than either one of their parents lived.


Even though it had been a very difficult week for them emotionally they still managed to contribute a significant amount of income to what they inherited from Darius. Richard and Daria had to discuss how they would work together to achieve their family’s goal. Richard decided he would focus on painting and gardening and Daria would focus on writing novels. They would split the household chores evenly as well. Daria would do all the cleaning while Richard would do the cooking.


Working together brought them a lot closer than they ever were. They would spend hours in the study chatting and sharing ideas while Richard painted and Daria wrote her stories.

Soon it was Richard’s turn to join young adulthood and he was looking forward to it though he was well aware that adulthood came with even more responsibilities….such as marriage and children! He liked Sofia a lot but they were still friends at that point. He didn’t know if he was even in love with her, far less for making her his wife. There was still plenty of time for him to sort that out, he thought as he blew out the candles on his cake.


Week 9 Earnings

Combined Salary/Retirement Pay = §236


               Paintings = §1,701

               Gardening = §9,122

               Fishing = §25

               Writing (Royalties) = §3,484

Total Earnings from Skills/Hobbies = §14,332

Collectibles = §1,580


Living Expenses (Food, Medicine, etc.) = §64

Bills = §908

Renovations/Décor/Skill Building Items = §1,060

Week 9 – Ending Funds = §122,859

Week 9 Summary

Starting Funds = §108,743

Ending Funds = §122,859

Lot Value = §35,585

Household Worth = §158,444

Achieved 15.8% of 1,000,000 simoleons goal!


5 thoughts on “Week 9

    • I’m already finished. LOL. I just need to find the time to write up the chapters. It took a few more sim weeks for them to become sim-millionaires. Hopefully I’ll be able to conclude their story before the end of this month but so much is going on with me right now that I hardly have time to write. Don’t worry I will get it done! 🙂


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