Week 8

Starting Funds = §75,903

Even though they were elders now, Darius and Esther were still very much passionate about each other. That spark never died for them and they would often steal moments to flirt with each other when the kids weren’t around. Though sometimes, one of their teens would walk in at the wrong time.


“You guys are so gross but adorable!” Daria giggled as she walked into the kitchen.

“We’re not gross! We’re in love!” Darius stated proudly while Esther blushed.


Daria laughed as she went and grabbed a bowl of chilli from the counter and then joined her parents at the table.

“Darling, there’s something we need to talk to you about.” Darius began. “It’s about the family and the rosebud mission I started before you were born.”

“What about it?” Daria asked.

“Well since your mother and I are elders that mean our days are numbered. We’ve been discussing who should be our heir after we go. Since you are the first born we feel it should go to you.”

“I don’t agree.” Daria said firmly. “I respect you guys’ decision but I feel Richard should be the heir. He’s the one who’s been working since he was a kid towards this mission. He really wants it! I think he should be the heir.”


Darius and Esther considered what Daria was saying. She obviously didn’t want the title of heiress and she felt very strongly that Richard deserved it more so they had no choice but to make Richard the heir.

Later that day, Darius sat down with his son to explain to him his duties as the heir.

“You should know son that it won’t be an easy task. You will have to live a very frugal life which means you can’t spend money on every single whim you have. You must only renovate if absolutely necessary because the larger the house, the more expensive the bills will be. You must also find yourself a wife who will understand all of this. She too will need to contribute so she cannot be someone who dreams of living a life of luxury.”


“Don’t worry Dad, I understand all of it. I know you and Mum chose Daria at first because she’s older than me but I’m going to do my best to make sure I make a significant contribution to this challenge.”

“That’s good to hear. Do you have any ideas of which skill you’d like to prioritize towards earning income?”

“I want to paint just like you. I also want to care for the garden as well. Some of those crops sell for thousands of dollars in a single harvest. I can’t let them wither away.”

“That’s good son. You need to focus on mastering few skills at a time. Doing too many things at once will suck a lot of energy from you and it won’t be as profitable in the end.”


Darius spent the rest of the afternoon imparting wisdom on his son who listened attentively. It was rare for them to spend so much time all at once together. Darius would always be too tired or too tense from work, but now that he was retired he was able to help mentor his son in the way he always wanted to.


Richard was getting better at painting under his tutelage. Darius was confident that he would start creating masterpieces in no time. Even Daria had taken up the hobby of writing. She was almost finished with her first book, a children’s novel, before she revealed what she had been up to. By the end of the week, she completed three books and published them herself. She only needed to get her writing skill up some more before she could bring in more dough by selling her books to a publisher.


Darius was very proud of his children and the level of maturity they displayed even though they were still teenagers. Most teens their age would be complaining to their parents about getting a raise in their allowance but his kids saw the bigger picture just as he and Esther did when they were young. It made him feel like he did a good job as a father after all.


Unfortunately fate encroached on the family’s happiness and as it turned out, Darius would not live to see his children become adults.





Darius was gone. The Grim Reaper came and took him away. They all stood over his remains, devastated that their beloved husband and father had died. They placed his urn on the desk in his study since they knew that room was his favourite and the one where he spent most of his time.

Richard now felt the weight of the world on his shoulders. Not only was he grieving for his father but he also came to the realisation that the things his father told him earlier that week would now come into effect. He was his father’s heir and now that his father was gone he would be in charge of the family’s mission.


Week 8 Earnings

Combined Salary/Retirement Pay = §2,305


              Paintings = §21,183

               Gardening = §7,068

               Fishing = §27

               Hacking = §174

               Writing (Royalties) = §132

Total Earnings from Skills/Hobbies = §28,584

Collectibles = §3,321


Living Expenses (Food, Medicine, etc.) = §301

Bills = §969

Renovations/Décor/Skill Building Items = §100

 Week 8 – Ending Funds = §108,743

Week 8 Summary

Starting Funds = §75,903

Ending Funds = §108,743

Lot Value = §34,623

Household Worth = §143,366

Achieved 14.3% of 1,000,000 simoleons goal!


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