Week 7

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I’m going to be doing something different from Week 7 onwards. Instead of doing a daily breakdown with a detailed listing of all the things that contributed to the family’s income, I will instead do a weekly summary of the money earned only showing totals rather than listing each item. It’s kinda frustrating typing all this stuff up to be quite honest and it’s one of the reasons why it takes so long for me to post a new chapter. These Mooneys collect a bunch of stuff! Plus a lot of days are uneventful since they spend most of it painting, gardening or collecting so if I continue to write about each day’s events it’ll become quite boring as well.  I hope no one minds this new format.


Starting Funds = §54,087

Darius stood in his study that Sunday morning staring at the new painting he had just finished. Its quality was impeccable, a masterpiece! He rarely created such high-quality paintings simply because he was always too tired on most days to concentrate on his work. His tiredness was due to the long hours he spent at his job. The salary he brought home every day was nothing compared to the amount he could earn if he spent those nine hours a day painting for himself and selling the pieces. He only wished he realised that sooner. He worked so hard his whole life trying to climb the career ladder chasing a bigger salary only to realise that he could earn more if he worked for himself.


He wanted to kick himself but then he realised that sometimes you have to learn your lessons the hard way. At least his children could learn from this mistake. Neither one of them seemed to have any career ambitions for the moment but they were still children so he knew that might change.

Well, both of them wouldn’t be children for long. Daria’s birthday was that day and in a few days, Richard would celebrate his. Esther baked a pink strawberry cake and topped it with candles for the quiet celebration they would have at the house. Even though Daria wanted to have a birthday party, Darius and Esther complained about the money they would have to spend so Daria decided she would make do with a simple celebration with the family as long as her parents promised to buy her a computer of her own.



They agreed even though the computer cost a lot more than a birthday party because Darius and Esther saw it as an investment. Daria could use the computer to build skills that would generate income into the household. She even began building her writing skills right away so she could one day write books that would earn high royalties.


Daria grew to become very active as a teen so exercise was one of her favourite hobbies. She enjoyed jogging around the neighbourhood. She spent so much time jogging that she lost a large amount of weight in little time. Daria believed the family should adopt a healthy lifestyle in order to live longer lives.


Darius and Esther wished they knew that when they were younger. Whenever they tried to exercise in their old age they became so exhausted that they needed to rest otherwise they would have a heart attack.

Swimming was the only activity they could do that wasn’t too strenuous but even that took a lot of out them if they swam around in their brand new swimming pool for too long.


With Daria becoming a teenager that meant teenaged boys started showing an interest in her. Darius didn’t like it but he knew it was inevitable.


When he tried to give her the woohoo talk they were both left embarrassed.

“Dad, please…this is too weird! Can’t Mom do this?” she cried.

“I’m sorry but if you want to date boys then we need to have the talk.”


Next, it was Esther’s elder birthday.



As soon as she settled into her new look of grey hair and wrinkles, she called her boss and asked him to put in the paperwork for her retirement. She also grew tired of the monotony of fixed working hours and felt like she would be at better use if she were home. Things always needed fixing and messes needed to be cleaned. With Darius busy painting and the children at school for most of the day, someone had to do those tasks in order to keep the household running smoothly. Their garden was also suffering because the plants weren’t getting sufficient care. Some days they would all be too tired to harvest the plants which meant they were losing income by not selling the produce in a timely manner so Esther made caring for the garden her full-time duty.


She also attempted to take up woodworking since she had some skill in handiness but her attempts at creating furniture and decorative items did not work out as well as she hoped. Maybe one day, either Daria or Richard would be better at it than she was.


Then it was time for Richard’s birthday.


Richard inherited Darius’ creativity and also Esther’s love for gardening since he wanted to become a Freelance Botanist. He decided he would help his mother in the garden as well as create paintings just like his father. Because of this Darius decided Richard would become his heir should there ever become a dispute between his children which he didn’t believe would ever happen. Daria and Richard were so close they were each other’s best friends. He knew they would never want to live apart let alone fight over property.


But should they ever decide not to live with each other anymore, then Daria would have to move and Richard would be the one to inherit the estate and ensure that the family’s goal of one million simoleons is met.


Richard was touched by the fact that his father had so much faith in him to give him such a huge responsibility and Daria was genuinely happy for her brother. She promised to live in the house and to contribute towards the family’s mission for as long as possible.

Week 7 Earnings

Combined Salary = §2,890


Paintings = §22,060

Gardening = §7,781

Collectibles = §2,027


Living Expenses (Food, Medicine, etc.) = §259

Bills = §865

Renovations/Décor/Skill Building Items = §11,818

Week 7 – Ending Funds = §75,903

Week 7 Summary

Starting Funds = §54,087

Ending Funds = §75,903

Lot Value = §34,366

Household Worth = §110,269

Achieved 11% of 1,000,000 simoleons goal!


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