Chapter 14 – Notch On My Belt

Soon after I delivered Harvey, I travelled to Willow Creek to meet my new grandsons. Julia had twins! She named them Myles and Jayden. She and Kellan moved into his mother’s house before the twins were born as she would be their helper since they both had full-time careers. Kellan’s mother accepted her grandsons in spite of their strange appearance. According to Kellan, his mother is a little insane so it was easy to convince her that their stone blue colouring was just one of her delusions which she chose to ignore.


I am amazed to see how their colouring is so different from my other two grandsons, Desmond and Akeem. Bella and Korey welcomed Akeem on the same day Myles and Jayden were born. Akeem is not a hybrid and his complexion is somewhere between his mother’s and Korey’s biological father. Jayden and Myles also have a complexion that is a shade between Kellan’s and Julia’s natural skin tone.

Kellan appears to have embraced his paternal duties. He dotes on his sons in spite of his natural dislike for children and for that I am pleased. I would hate to have to teach him a lesson for abandoning my daughter and grandchildren.


As I was leaving Julia’s house I met a man. He was a pizza delivery man named Orion Caudill who stopped to talk and flirt with me. He was not the best looking man but I was in need of a new donor to father my next child so I made do with him. My young adult days would be ending soon so I could not afford to delay conceiving for another day.


He asked where I was from so I told him I lived in Newcrest. He then informed me that he would be travelling there within the hour once his work shift was finished. I agreed to accompany him and also invited him to visit my home.

When we arrived at my house we went straight to my bedroom. He understood the reason why he was here and did not waste time with unnecessary chit-chat.


Afterwards, when I revealed to him that I was pregnant he was disturbed.

“Is that why you brought me here?” He said. The irritation was apparent in his tone. “I thought you invited me over for just woohoo and now you’re pregnant? Unbelievable!”


“This is good news. I am so happy by this that I am glowing!”

“Yeah, I can see that…uh…why though? Normal people don’t actually glow…”

“That is correct. Normal people don’t glow. I am an alien and my species glow whenever we feel extreme emotions.”

“What? Alien!” He yelled. He was about to run out of the kitchen door but I stopped him with my powers and erased his memory. I only needed him because I needed to have another child before I aged to a mature adult and I did not want another man like Jakob becoming attached to me.


The following morning Jakob arrived at my doorstep wishing to see me. I had been avoiding him for quite a while and he did not even know that I had given birth to our son.

“Wait! Your belly, it’s gone! Does that mean you’re not pregnant anymore? Did you have the baby?”


“Yes I did have the baby but I am pregnant as well.”

“I don’t understand. You had the baby and you didn’t tell me?! Is it a boy, a girl?”

“It is a boy. I have named him Harvey Horn.”

“So, our son was born and you didn’t feel the need to return one of my calls or texts to tell me that? And what do you mean when you say you’re still pregnant?”


“I mean to say that I am pregnant again, with another man’s child.”

“What the…? Is this what you do? Seduce men so you can make babies by them?! That’s sick Freya. Really sick!”

“I do not understand. Who is sick? I am not sick. I am perfectly healthy and so is Harvey.”

“Oh Watcher! I don’t believe this! How could I be so stupid?! You used me! I loved you and you just used me to get a baby!”


“You do not need to be upset Jakob. I am very grateful for your contribution to my mission…”

“Contribution? Are you insane? You’re messing with people’s lives here! I loved you and I thought we could have a future together and build a family. I was ready to accept your other kids as my own and then I find out that you just run around making babies with anyone and I was just another notch on your belt!”

“Notch on my belt? I do not wear a belt, Jakob.” Perhaps this was another human saying I was unfamiliar with.

“You know what, I don’t wanna hear another word from you. I just want my son and then I’ll go.”


“You want your son?” I asked, confused.

“Yes. You’re obviously an unfit mother. You’re not even a decent human being! I don’t want my child to be raised by someone like you. I’m taking him with me and you can’t stop me!”

He was correct about one thing. I was not a decent human being because I was not human but he was wrong about taking my child with him. He was very wrong about that!

“You are not taking my child Jakob! I love my children and I will fight anyone who tries to take them away from me!”


“I am his father and I have as much right to him as you do! What were you planning to do? Cast me aside so you can have him all to yourself. That probably worked on all the others but it won’t work on me. I want my kid!”

“You will not have him.”

“Try and stop me if you can Freya!”

He pushed me aside and entered the house. I saw him looking around as if deciding where to look first for baby Harvey. I could not let him go any further. I had to take care of this problem once and for all!


He stared back at me with a dazed look on his face before walking out the door and down the street. He would have no memory of me or the fact that he fathered a child so I would not have to worry about him causing any more trouble by trying to take Harvey.

Just then Lara walked into the room. My little blonde daughter had grown into a teenager the night before when I was with Orion.

“Finally got rid of that loser Jakob?” she said as she sat down on the sofa.


“Yes. I should not have let him become so attached. That is a lesson you should learn from me. Never entertain a man’s attention unless you are certain you want him around.”

“Got it. But aren’t you concerned about the fact that he told his friends about you and how you were having his baby?”

“I have spoken to Annabel and Nylah. They are friends with his friends and they have assured me that all of his friends have been told that Jakob suffers from a condition where he tells falsehoods for no valid reason. They are all convinced that he was lying and have agreed not to question him further on the topic so he will not be reminded in any way.”

“That’s good. I wouldn’t want him to remember and then come after you. None of us want people talking about our family. It’s bad enough…never mind.”


I knew Lara didn’t approve of my mission either and was hoping I would have another daughter to relieve her of the burden of being my heiress. I told her not to worry as I still had many fertile days left and that I would have many more daughters after her. Until that time, however, she will remain as my heiress and that is a responsibility I knew she would not want.

Baby Count = 11/100


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