Chapter 13 – Attachment

Jasper celebrated his birthday not too long after Aaron’s birth and Julia moving out to Willow Creek.


He grew up to be quite the romantic just as I hoped he would be but he seemed to have a greater interest in painting than he did in dating the girls his age. He was also very helpful when it came to taking care of his younger siblings. He often volunteered to care for Aaron while I was out looking for my next suitor.


While I was out for a jog I met a man named Jakob Horn. He had the physique of a man who exercised often so I discussed some fitness techniques with him. He then revealed to me that he didn’t exercise at all which was surprising considering his muscular build.


He actually enjoyed more intellectual pursuits such as video gaming and collecting. I learned all of this through conversation. He was not as easy to seduce as other men. Most of my flirtatious attempts were ignored as he continued to talk about the differences between an opal crystal and a fire opal crystal. This was not new information to me but I did not want to appear rude so I listened. Eventually, I was bored by his chatter and so I made a bold move.


He reacted favourably as I knew he would and I did not have to try very hard to convince him to come back to the house with me.


I fell asleep right after as I was tired from my workout and from not having much sleep after taking care of Aaron the night before. When I did wake from my short slumber, Jakob was no longer in my bedroom. After taking a pregnancy test, I went looking and found him in the boys’ bedroom playing the Blicblock game on their computer.

“Why are you in here?” I asked.


“Oh, sorry. I couldn’t help myself. I entered a tournament so I need to play the game regularly in order to have a chance at winning. No one was in here and since you were asleep…I’m sorry if I was being rude.”

“It is not a problem.”

“Okay, good. I see that there is a lot of kids’ stuff in here. You have kids?”

“I do. And I will have another soon. I am pregnant.”


“Really. Wow. This is good news! I’m gonna be a father!”

I was prepared for a negative response as I have received many of those before and was prepared to wipe his memory and send him on his way, but his positive reaction took me by surprise.

“I promise I will be there for you, Freya. I won’t abandon you or our child. I…I think I love you!”


No man has ever declared his love for me so this was another unexpected thing to occur. I had no clue how to respond to this but his silence after his declaration suggested he wanted me to say the same thing. “I love you?” It was a question but he heard it as a statement.

He smiled and then hugged me. It was very strange. I still do not know why I ignored my initial instinct to wipe the memory of the man who seemed so attached to me after knowing me for such a short period of time. Perhaps it was curiosity.


Shortly after that, Aaron became a child.


This was followed by many different events in the family. Melina celebrated her birthday and decided to start a career in business.


She also decided to move into Korey and Bella’s residence next door so she could help out with her nephew, Desmond, who celebrated his birthday around the same time as Lara. Bella was pregnant for the second time so she and Korey needed as much help as possible which was why Melina agreed to move in with them. She and Korey were always close so it made sense why she would want to live with him instead of finding a place of her own.


Then I learned that Julia met and began dating a young man named Kellan Minor. She swore she was in love with him but based on what she told me he did not appear to have good traits.


Still, her relationship with him progressed until one evening when she discovered she was pregnant. She knew she would have to tell him our family secret and when she did he responded favourably but when she announced the pregnancy that was when he became upset.

It seemed I was right in my assessment of Kellan Minor. He hated children and had no desire of having any of his own. I advised her to raise the child on her own but Julia insisted on trying to make it work with Kellan because she did not want to be a single mother like me.


I do not see why that is a bad thing. I raised every one of my children just fine without the help of a man and if Kellan did not want to be a part of it then she should not try to force him. Julia then asked me not to advise her further on the situation so I did not. I hope she knew what she was doing.


Jakob and I continued to spend time together as my pregnancy progressed. He seemed to think we were in a relationship and I said nothing to correct him. I have never been in a relationship before and I was unsure if I wanted one. My mission was more important than such ideas but I did not see how spending time with him while I was pregnant with his child could do any harm.


I went to spend an afternoon with Annabel and Nylah, having not seen them since Korey’s wedding day. When I told them about Jakob I learned that they already knew him through mutual friends. Jakob had been telling all of his friends about me and how he was expecting a child.


This was not a good thing. Since he was anticipating the birth of the child that meant that he would wish to be involved in the upbringing. Perhaps I made a mistake in continuing to see him. I should have wiped his memory right afterwards instead of carrying on with him as if I have no responsibilities to worry about. Luckily he did not know my secret, but it will only be a matter of time before the baby is born and once he sees the child the truth will become obvious.


 Another birthday took place with David becoming a teenager.



It was also followed by Jody’s young adult birthday. The number of birthday cakes stored in our refrigerator was enough to feed all six of us for an entire week!


Jody informed me of his decision to move to Willow Creek in a house within the same neighbourhood as Julia. Now that Julia was pregnant and about to start her own family I pleased that she would have another family member close by in case she needed any assistance or support.


Jody also decided he would pursue a career in entertainment. He wanted to become a comedian which made sense because he was such the goofball. I feel very proud of all of my children when they become adults. This is another great part of this mission. I get to have so many children and then raise them to become contributing members of society.


After Jody left the contractions began so I began preparing to give birth to my eleventh baby.


I gave birth to my baby with Jakob just after sunrise. I named him Harvey Horn. As I held my new precious child in my arms there was a vibrating buzz from my cellular phone. It was Jakob calling. I wondered if he somehow knew that his son was born even though it just happened. I ignored the call. I did not want to tell him as yet as I needed to rest and figure out how to get rid of him.


I already have a child by him which means I cannot have another by him as well. It made no sense keeping him around in the first place. Though, I will miss the attention.

Baby Count = 11/100


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